DMS Integration

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Do you want simplify and automate your processes, painlessly track everything and gain an unparalleled insight that comes when everything under your roof seamlessly works together?

DMS integration is a great way to automate your car dealership business by simplifying complex processes such as managing customer information and keeping track of stocks and inventory. You are able to access complete information stored in the database, giving you and your staff more time to take care of your customers. Your employees should be on the floor assisting customers and helping them make the best decision in buying a new car, or helping them have access to the services specified in their warranty. By engaging your customers, you are able to develop lasting business relationships and gain new clients.

A Dealership Management System is not only beneficial on-site, but it allows you to expand your business through website integration. Having an online software to manage your business allows you to gain access to your information across multiple locations, thus, encouraging you to setup multiple dealerships within the state, or even in out-of-state locations. There is a real opportunity to expand now, as compared to a few years back prior to the Internet revolution.

Most DMS solutions are ready-made, with little customization needed. But there are some really convenient add-ons that should be part of your DMS software such as seamless integration with a CRM for better customer relationships. DMS also covers all aspects of your operations, from sales to marketing and financial reporting.

It is very important to have an online presence for your car dealership business as most customers rely on the Internet to look for the best car deals, access their warranty information and get customer support through email. You need to be able to leverage this technology in order to meet your customer’s needs. Most DMS integration software would have a way to accomplish these for you.

Aside from customer support, DMS integration makes purchasing of inventory from auctions a lot simpler. It also allows you to enter how much you spent on floor planning and auction fees, as well as enter information about a trade at the time of a sale. Since most DMS software also comes with a website, you are able to market online by listing your inventory on your website, and publish regular updates on any specials that you are running for a particular period.

DMS integration also helps you in keeping track of customer information such as credit reports and credit applications. It also makes creating reports much simpler. Generating financial reports, real time inventory counts, and sales tax calculations, as well as profit and loss analysis can all be done through the DMS software, allowing you to make real-time decisions. Understanding how your business is doing is the key to making it profitable.

DMS integration is a great way to manage customers, stocks and services, making your operations cost-effective by maximizing productivity and reducing operational cost. It creates transparency in your business and greatly reduces errors in transactions. It is especially very helpful for dealerships that are spread out in several locations. So, if you want to streamline your company’s processes and increase its profitability, a Dealership Management System is what you need to open new horizons for your car dealership business.

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