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We eliminate the madness of dealing with disjointed customer tracking systems. Painless CRM. 














Advice For Frustrated Dealer Managers

Dealing with complicated software that your Salesmen resist using can move a dealership backwards. How can you shift back into the Fastlane?

CRM That Your Team Will Actually Use.

Software should give you something easy to provide your sales team. Clear and specific tasks set up for your sales person and managers.

Capture Data Once.-picture

Capture Data Once.

No matter how many mediums have leads flowing in, it'll all be centralized and entered one time.

Remember The Important Stuff.-picture

Remember The Important Stuff.

The point of Customer Management is not make the Customer feel managed. Give the Deal the personal feel.

Follow-up like never before.-picture

Follow-up like never before.

The most common reason Dealers don't sell more cars: Poor follow-up. Having a system that makes it frequent, painless and automatic is a recipe for sales success.

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Dealership Management Software Is The Key to a Thriving Dealership

But CRM is a source of frustration.

The only way a CRM tool could work well in a real world automotive dealership is to be 100 %  integrated with the DMS.  Advent Resource's dealership management software makes that integration a reality.

Self-Sustaining Sales System

Raise your hand if your current dealership management software system is a jumble of different platforms taped together. How about a system that does it all and does it damn well? Front-end Sales, CRM , DMS, Desking, F&I, Inventory, all in one place!



Completely Event-Driven Solution

Remove uncertainty. What action items you take are driven by what happened right before.


A CRM That's Designed to Be Easy

Ever feel like the deal takes longer using software that was supposed to speed things up? No more trying to figure out complicated software. This is a CRM that gives you ease of use and control within a day.

Find Out How

Want Better Sales, CSI, and High Octane Efficiency for your Dealership?